Our Process

Our process

Check out our easy 4-step process to getting your very own money-saving solar panels.

Step 1
Free Consultation
and Quote

Call us for a no obligation quote. We will ask a few questions regarding the age, condition and angle of your roof, the type of roof etc. We will then provide a cost estimate, and you can take the opportunity to have any questions answered.

Step 2

After making a booking, we will send one of our installation experts out to your home to examine the roof and the wiring system. They will recommend the best type of panels for your particular needs and then make a plan, which includes how many panels will be needed, and how they will be connected.

Step 3

Our professionals will affix the frames to your roof and then attach the solar panels. This can take as little as a day to complete. Following this, the electrical wiring will be installed and the inverters connected to the panels.

Step 4

A local government official will need to inspect your newly installed solar panels before you can connect to the electrical grid. Essentially, they double-check that everything from the installation to the wiring and connections are up to standard. When they give their approval, one of our professionals will return to connect you to the grid and your days of high power bills will be a thing of the past!